Green Socks Blue Trim - Sovereign Socks
Green Socks Blue Trim - Sovereign Socks

Green Socks Blue Trim

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Garden green socks with the trademark fit of the Sovereign elastic and 100% cotton comfort.


Size guide:

Sock: one size fits all.

Elastic - due to the elastic stretch comfortable sizes are accounted in brackets (read how to measure below): 

Small - 22cm (for ankle sizes below 25cm)

Medium - 24cm (for ankle sizes between 25-27cm)

Large - 26cm (for ankle sizes 27cm and above)

Measuring up!

For the perfect fit its good to know your ankle size, this can be found by:

  1. Measure 18cm up your leg from the base of your heal.
  2. At this point measure around the circumference of your leg.
  3. Best to use a measuring tape but if you don't have one take a standard brio pen or pencil (this is roughly 1cm in width) place it repeatedly next to each other keeping a tally to find the measurement.

Remember if you discover the elastic doesn't fit just return them to change size for free! (sock must be in original condition).

Money back guarantee

We are so confident you will love your Sov's that we are offering a money back guarantee if you don't find your socks the most comfortable you have worn! Check out the details here.