Privacy Policy and Cookies

  1. The policy covered here does not apply to links from Sovereign Socks website to external websites. The user should read the separate policies for any external websites you may visit.
  2. Sovereign Socks website uses cookies. These are parts of information which are gathered and stored by the website to enable it to run smoothly. The use of cookies enables you purchase items off our site as well as enabling us to show customised content for yourself which in turn makes the shopping experience more efficient and hassle free for you.
  3. The cookies we use on Sovereign Socks website are specifically used for the purposes laid out in the points below:
    1. To review the use of the website through analytical software.
    2. To enable guests to create accounts which can be used for more efficient use of the website.
    3. To enable guests to fill their shopping basket with items and purchase these items through our secure online checkout.
  4. It needs to be highlighted that these cookies do not collect sensitive data for example your name, address and contact details.
  5. In order disable these cookies you must do it through the settings in your website browser.